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Wednesdays @  12:00 pm
Parsha of the week - Torah Class

Saturday Mornings @ 9:30 am
Chassiduds class with Rabbi Lipa. Everything you wanted to know.
Topics Vary per week. 

Women's Discuss & Learn

Saturdays @ 12:30 pm
Join Rebbetzin Chaya in a brilliant discussion on the weekly Parsha, 
discovering gems which will blow your mind away.
Email [email protected]

One on One Classes
Join with the Rabbi for a special Torah class of your choosing one-on-one!
Choose from a variety of classes, whether the weekly Torah Portion, 
Kabbalah, mitzvot or just a cholent of topic's combined.
Call Rabbi Lipa Benjaminson for availability 
(954) 228-3338 or email [email protected]

Variety of classes & discussion
Contact us to create your own Torah discussion group. 

Also, We have a few more classes we will be offering, both in the evening and during the day.
Contact us for more info, or to let us know that a certain day works for you.